Flipkart to Sell Moto X at Rs 23,999 in India; Let the Exclusivity Battle Begin

has just announced that it will sell the Moto X for Rs 23,999 starting tomorrow. The phone will come in 5 different colors and the wood back version will sell for Rs 25,999.

Now that we’ve gotten the news out of the way, what is so special about this launch? What Flipkart is trying to do is very interesting.

Its trying to cut off the traditional retail channel, making it easier for companies like Google (which has very little offline presence in India) to sell to the premium Indian consumer. Google had partnered with Spice to sell offline Android phones in India through the telco’s offline stores.Wonder why these phones aren’t being sold at those outlets?  The Nexus 4 is being sold by LG in retail stores and also online retailers also sold it.

Flipkart Moto X in India
Flipkart Moto X in India

Flipkart is is making these phones available exclusively on their site, clearly thumbing the nose at other e-commerce players. With bundled offers and cashback, the deals are attractive and it makes for a very compelling buy. While Flipkart generates a whole lot of buzz around the launch, the Moto X phones themselves have some sort of a cult following and brings in a lot of customers to Flipkart.

Earlier, Flipkart got the Moto G phone to the Indian market and saw record sales, threatening other value for money smartphone players. This launch is likely to repeat the pattern. While there’s the online-offline battle on one side, there’s likely to be a battle for exclusive rights between online players. Wait! Where’s the pop corn?