Mouseless – Hardware-less Gadgets [by Pranav Mistry]

We have been totally gung-ho about the next level of technology where machine intelligence becomes a part of our daily lives. It gives a kick in the butt to guess how gestures, behavior and synthetic intelligence will change the way we interact with each other, with machines and even Governments.

And now here is Mouseless – by Pranav Mistry –  a milestone towards hardware-less computer peripheral.

As Pranav puts it:

… the computer mouse has remained largely unchanged over the last decades, we have become increasingly proficient at operating the two-button mouse. Recently, various multitouch and gestural interaction technologies have been explored as means to implement alternative methods to interact with a computer. Despite these advances in computing hardware technologies, the two-button computer mouse has remained the predominant means to interact with a computer. The Mouseless invention removes the requirement of having a physical mouse altogether but still provides the intuitive interaction of a physical mouse that we are familiar with.

Picture this 🙂

The first biggest advantage of “hardware-less gadget” that comes straight off the cuff is that one cannot execute the mouse under mechanical fatigue. It wouldn’t simply die. No matter how frustrating your desktop experience is, the mouse is gonna survive your bony existence. Unless of-course one decides to throw the shoe right at the cameras simulating the movements 😛

Here have a look at the video:

Guess what. It costs US$20 to build the prototype.

What do you think of future now?

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