Move Over Skype, Awaaz Wants to Be the Next Gen VoIP App


Move Over Skype, Awaaz Wants to Be the Next Gen VoIP App

VoIP apps that let you make and receive calls using the Internet connection on your phone are plenty these days. Here’s a different take on VoIP apps. The Awaaz app lets you call others on the phone, and all calls get routed over the Internet automatically.

The difference between this app and others like Skype and Viber is that this one is more like a plugin. When a user makes a call from his phone dialer, the app automatically takes over the call if both phones have it installed and are connected to the Internet.

No need to go to the app to make calls, you just use your phone as you would otherwise.


A user never needs to run the app except for the first time after installation or an upgrade. The app doesn’t have a dialer of its own. However, it shows you which of your contacts are currently online on the app.

Like Whatsapp, your phone number is your identity on the app.

We loved the idea and feel that it can save some money for the user. Since it is new, it doesn’t have many people on it. The app should probably have an option to invite others as well.

The app developed by Anuj Jain uses Opus codec for voice compression. It encrypts your calls with a 256-bit AES key exchanged using 2048-bit RSA, with new keys generated for every call which are not shared with anyone.

Currently, it is available on Android. The team is building an iOS app but it won’t be able to automatically route calls.

Download Awaaz here (Android).

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