Employee Transportation Startup, MoveInSync Secures Funding From Inventus, Qualcomm And Saama Capital

Employee Transportation Startup, MoveInSync has secured funding from Inventus Capital Partners, Qualcomm Ventures and Saama Capital.moveinsync

MoveInSync‘s Employee Transportation Solution (ETS) provides an end-to-end solution for employee transportation. It includes Routing, Employee Cab Usage Records, Tracking, Automated Billing, Reporting, and Women Security features. The transport manager has complete control over the operations in real time. ETS consists of two parts: a touch screen device installed in the cab, and a reliable server hosted in the cloud.

MoveInSync offers Route optimization to companies (current client list includes Google, Amazon, Oracle etc), helping them save money (to the tune of 15-20% within 6 months) in transportation.

“Our patented routing algorithms work on the RSI (Route Satisfaction Index) system. RSI caps the extra distance any employee will travel because of our optimized routing. For example, if an employee resides 20 kilometres from office and the company caps the extra distance at 2 kilometres, then the employee is guaranteed never to travel more than 22 kilometres. Plus, the system also enables constraints such as no women first pickup or last drop for odd hour shifts, ensuring safety mechanisms.

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