IndiaTVGuide launches Video-on-demand feature

IndiaTVGuide has launched Video-on-demand that lets you watch movies/TV serials/Short films/Video Albums. The VoD service follows a simple monetization model – i.e. free version carries advertisement and you need to go premium for ad-free experience.

Today by adding a new feature we have brought you one step closer to your entertainment needs. Yes people, we have launched the Video on Demand feature on the app. It lets you watch movies/TV serials/Short films/Video Albums- of course with ads or we will let you watch it without ads once you start paying for it. Remember there is no free meal. Its very simple. Log into IndiaTVGuide select Videos and then watch the movies. We are on iPhone and Android. [official blog]

The VoD service works only on Android ICS version, but will soon be available on 2.x versions as well.indiatvguide_mvoies

The app boasts of 2,75,000 downloads and some of the movies currently listed are Jail, Bumm Bumm Bole and a few animation features.