Japan has a lesson on religious tolerance for many Indians : Moving mosques for Tokyo Olympics

A Tokyo sports and events management company has created a Mosque-On-Wheels as part of Tokyo 2020 Olympics preparation. There are not enough mosques in Tokyo and since many tourists from Muslim religion countries would arrive, to make them feel at home and practice their sacred duties, this initiative has been taken up.
The first Mobile Mosque, as it has been called has been unveiled outside the Toyota stadium, in Toyota city.
The modified 25 tonne, blue and white truck can have its sides, slide out creating space of 48 sq mts, enough for 50 people to pray. The truck also has outdoor taps and washing area for pre-prayer ablutions.

“Why” this story:
When well educated, and so called leaders of people are questioning why people of other religious faiths even need a place of worship, and why they cannot pray at home; they need to be reminded that we all need to be tolerant and respectful for each other’s religion because, it is just by the lottery of birth that we have been born in a particular religion and we might as well have been on the other side of fence.
The Perspective:
When nothing else works to invoke people, politicians use religion in India. It has been mis-fortune of this country that handful of modern fascists and Hitler era mindset people still dominate over most of the 1.2 billion people, hoodwinking them for personal gains. One of the reasons why on most of the social indexes, India still languishes at the bottom and now very well, questions can be raised on the civility of Indian society.
“What” of this story:
What do you think comes first humanity or religion?
Please share your valuable views via comment with all. Thanks!

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  1. Humanity first. But this type of facilities no one can expect in Muslim majority country

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