Mozilla to Launch $25 Firefox OS Smartphones in India. But Does It Matter?


Mozilla to Launch $25 Firefox OS Smartphones in India. But Does It Matter?

Mozilla is bringing its Firefox OS-powered smartphones to India. The company has partnered with Indian mobile makers, Intex and Spice. The device will be very affordable, around $25 and will arrive in India in the next few months.


Much like rest of the world, the Indian market space is jam-packed with Android smartphones (take a look at mobile shipments in India). It will be interesting to see how the entry level Firefox OS smartphones fare in the country.

The operating system, however despite being around for couple of years, it hasn’t really received much traction.

For a refresher, Firefox OS is built entirely over open web standards, and employs all its features as HTML applications. Over the last few years, ever since Android came into existence, several new operating systems (such as Ubuntu OS) have cropped up, though a vast majority has failed to lure in customers.

Problems with Firefox OS

Mozilla wants users to step up from the regular features phone they use and use the HTML based Firefox OS. The phone seems like a big browser with bookmarks and quick settings everywhere. The problem is that once you have lost data connectivity, there isn’t much you can do outside the basic phone operations.

Firefox OS doesn’t have many apps, and its developer-oriented focus might fail to please the consumers. On top of that, the operating system doesn’t really have something that could stand against Android, or even Windows Phone, for that matter.

Firefox needs to offer something unique that other operating systems don’t possess, and as of now, it doesn’t really have anything under its utility belt. Except the ultra-low-cost price point.

While Firefox OS-powered devices can’t compete against the full-fledged Android, the $25 price point, however could lure in a lot of customers.

For now, Firefox OS looks like a case of missing fire, though, it may sell quite a few of the handsets.

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