mScriber : Voice Recognition Engine that lets your text reach your recipient(s) in the way you want

mScriber is a Delhi based startup with very strong expertise in Speech Recognition Technologies, Processes and Applications. mscriber logo

I have profiled Ubona, a voice recognition system earlier – but mScriber’s USP lies in the several other things that they do after the voice processing:

It listens carefully to what you have to say.It then applies speech recognition technologies and processes to convert your voice into text. Finally, it lets that text reach your recipient(s) in the way you want – as an SMS, Email, and Blog. It also lets your recipient(s) use the text the way you want – for general information purposes, for searching for additional information, for voice analysis or as simple notes.

The core of their offering is not just the technology, but solutions built around that, and to me, that’s a killer!

The opportunities for mScriber are huge – right from tying up with telco operators for Rural VAS (Rural IVR is the next big bet for Indian telecom operators) to local search providers, to any damn service that wants to tap into voice, mashup with their content and deliver to any other medium.

mScriber is targeting emerging markets and currently offers following solutions:

  • Voice2SMS : send your SMS without the need to type it, from any phone
  • Voicemail2SMS : a call completion product that converts a landline or mobile phone voicemail in to text and sends it across as an SMS,
  • Voice2Search : converts voice prompts into text and completes the transaction (Alabot is in this space as well)
  • Voice2Notes : narrate your notes by calling up mScriber Voice2NotesT telephone number, leave an email address where those notes must be emailed. mScriber Voice2NotesT coverts your verbal notes into text and sends it to the email address you left.
  • Voice2Analytics: analyse the voice data by first converting it into text using mScriber speech recognition technologies and processes.

mScriber has received investment from Ace Global Services and Perfect Future; and has a good mix of talent in founding team.

This is one of the startups to watch out for.

What’s your take?

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