Microsoft’s Live search goes pouty


Microsoft’s Live search goes pouty

I am falling in love with Microsoft. Yeah, the good ol’ evil empire!!
Actually, my love is not for M$, but for the Ms Dewey, the sexy microsoftie search babe who is a little mischievous, quite flirtatious and damn sexy!!

Oh well, MsDewey happens to be an interactive search assistant interface for MS’s Live search platform.

According to Wikipedia

Ms. Dewey is a viral marketing campaign started by Microsoft in October, 2006. It also refers to the character of the same name, who is the campaign’s main subject. The Ms. Dewey website is an Adobe Flash-based experimental interface for Windows Live Search.

The sexy search avatar is being played by Janani Gavankar, an American actress of Indian origin.

Ms. Dewey is one of the coolest product from M$’s factory and you will have real fun watching her pout, flirt and “threatens to call police” if you type a “F” word!

How I wish MS had more of such creativity built in the other products!

Whaddaya say? Which other actress would you have loved to watch? I scream for Angeline Jolie:) And you?

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