Microsoft Displaces Google – MSN Toolbar Bundled with Java Downloader

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Google earlier forged a deal with Sun in 2005 to bundle it’s toolbar in the Java downloader and three years later, Sun has dropped Google for Microsoft.

Java downloader now will have Microsoft’s toolbar which includes Live search – the toolbar will also be included in future JRE updates.

Through this agreement, Internet Explorer users downloading Sun’s JRE will have the option to download the MSN Toolbar and have one-click access to Live Search features, as well as news, entertainment, sports and more from the MSN network and direct access to Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger. – source

This is an important distribution game for Microsoft, as

  • there are 6.5 million Java software developers around the globe
  • Java is already present on 91% of Internet-connected PCs worldwide
  • Over 800 million Java desktop users around the world

It’s interesting to note that Google has supported Java, but recently stopped shipping Staroffice from Google pack- seems Google and Sun relationship has gone sore. And Microsoft will forego the earlier heartburns (remember the MSJRE legal debate?) in order to expand live search’s distribution.

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