Pakistan’s Napsters Crew Hacks MTNL Mumbai and Pune Traffic Police Site

Yesterday, India celebrated its 67th independence day. While social media and Internet was flooded with patriotic status updates and discussions around it, few lads, who claim to be from Pakistan were busy hacking Indian sites.


A gang of hackers who call themselves with code names SEEKER, Dr.FREAK, MKHAN SWATI, lead by Mr. Creepy, hacked three Indian websites, MTNL Mumbai, Pune Traffic Police and, on the eve of Indian Independence day, i.e. 14th August 2013.

All three websites are now showing an image which wishes Pakistan a happy Independence Day, with Indian soldiers standing in background.


These self acclaimed hackers who call themselves “Napsters Crew”, have a Facebook page by the name of CreepAt Localhost where they were doing regular status updates on their progress. A message on the page reads “Lol Just rooted MTNL Server,feeling excited” followed by another status “I told you People I am Back and I am unstoppable …..” with a  picture of hacked MTNL website.

The group has also developed a product called “Swati SMS Bomber” which is basically an automated SMS sending tool with fake ids, but this is only for use in EDUCATIONAL purpose, the developers clarifies their intentions with the statement.

Only two months ago in July 2013, The Syrian Electronic Army claimed to have hacked Truecaller, a collaborative phone directory, exposing millions of phone records majority of which is from India. In the same month, Apple’s Developer site, Ubuntu’s forum & NASDAQ’s community forum, three large platforms were hacked, pointing to a serious setback to the “good guys,” in the battle between black hat hackers and their counterparts who are trying to secure the Internet.

India’s relations with Pakistan has not been a healthy one and in last few days it has only got worse with cross firing on the Indo-Pak border and Indian soldiers getting killed. The recent hack attack by so called “Napsters Crew” was surely another malign attempt to add to the growing tensions between two countries. Just this time they used Internet to spread the evil.

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