Mukesh Ambani to invest in Israeli, Silicon Valley Startups [India?]

TMukesh Ambanihe billionaire Mukesh Ambani is all set to invest in Israeli and Silicon Valley high-tech startups as Reliance Industries Ltd is building a $13.6 billion fourth-generation phone network in India.
“GenNext Ventures, owned by Reliance Industries Ltd., is talking to other venture capital firms and private equity investors in those countries and in the U.K. to pick out candidates”, says Vivek Rai Gupta, Managing Partner.
NextBigWhat Asks: Why not focus on India alone? Companies like Reliance can play a HUGE role in becoming a customer to Indian startups – right from hardware to software to enterprise startups.

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  1. The Indian companies, who want to invest in business, are increasingly looking outside India because of the policies or anti business policies of Indian Government with sate governments interfering also. Look at flipkart. From being an Indian company, they became a Singapore company because of Indian government policies and archaic rules.
    Airtel also is investing heavily in African region because there is a huge opportunity there and the rules are friendly. Here the IT department, Excise department, Labour department are aiming at your throat throughout with old babus taking all the decision.
    Its better to invest in those companies which are in business friendly countries and Israel is a business friendly place.

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