The Art of Failure : Between Success and Bankruptcy [Muki Regunathan @UnPluggd]

Muki took to entrepreneurship straight after college selling garments from Tirupur . He failed 7 times with his startup and went bankrupt before starting pepper square. Pepper square is now a successful digital agency based out of Bangalore.

At UnPluggd, Muki shared his entrepreneurial journey and importantly, handling stuff related to family/personal finance etc. Here are some of his thoughts:

Handling personal finance during failure: If you have failed and left with no money to pay people. Then you have nothing lose, so take more risks. Start paying money in installments and show your face often and sustain confidence.

“Success is competing with your conscience- no need to prove it to anyone”

When is the right time to ‘give up’, ‘move on’. Entrepreneurial ideas are just like first love and one who gets married to their first love is similar to one who continues to stick with ones entrepreneurial idea.

Cultivate controlled aggression, be the change you want to see. Don’t look for a buy in from your family, take everyone along like a leader, the vision is yours and largely people don’t accept it, are some of the thoughts he shared.

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