The Multi-SIM market in India: Nokia leads the pack with 30% market share

The multi-SIM market in India is growing at a phenomenal rate and Nokia, even though a late entrant to multi-SIM industry, has garnered 30% market share, followed by Samsung (16%). The category was earlier dominated by local brands like Micromax and Karbonn, who now have 12% and 4% market share respectively.

Multi SIM Market Share in India: Nokia vs. the rest
Multi SIM Market Share in India: Nokia vs. the rest

As per a report by Neilsen, there are 71 million unique subscribers that use multi-SIMs in India, driven by youth segment.  The reach peaks in towns with a population of five to ten lakh, where 21 percent of the populace use multiSIMs. The corresponding figure in a town class with 40 lakh plus population is just 11 percent!

As far as reasons for buying multi-SIMs handsets are concerned, the desire to optimize tariff (avail better deals from operators) tops the chart, followed by ‘staying connected at all times/emergency, avail CUG scheme etc (note that privacy constitutes only 8% of the reasons to buy a multi-SIM handset).

Why Multi-SIM?
Why Multi-SIM?

An interesting finding of the report is that users prefer to have both SIM cards as prepaid to have a better control on costs as well as to capitalize on monthly deals offered by operators. As far as operator share is concerned, smaller operators have a  higher market share with Uninor having 6% market share in Multi-SIM market (has only 1% market share, otherwise).

The study* (download link) was done across 18 cities and had a sample size of 20,000 mobile users in 18-55 age group.

*: Aside, before you trust any survey report, we recommend you to read Why and how to read survey reports? [Data, Intuition and Truth].

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