Nokia Leads Multi-SIM Device Market with 19% Market Share


Nokia Leads Multi-SIM Device Market with 19% Market Share

Nokia joined the DUAL-SIM mobile party a bit late, but the company has emerged as a leader in the multi-SIM market with 19% market share, followed by Micromax (7.1%) and Karbonn (6.9%).


About 54% of 166 million mobile devices sold in India in the first 11 months of 2011 were multi-SIM devices, out of which 10 million devices were smartphones [as per a study by Cybermedia].

Given that those who bought Micromax devices 2 years back are now looking for a replacement, Nokia’s brand value does score higher than the other homegrown brands. And as a brand, Micromax has been more about the tangible marketing (i.e. advertisements/sponsorships) and less about the intangibles (trust/customer support etc) and it’d be interesting to see Micromax’s 2012 strategy to compete with Nokia and Samsung(s ) of the world.

Aside, Micromax recently announced new CEO and key leadership change that will help the company in sailing through the smartphone market.

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