Multieyevision Observer : Use your Mobile Phone as a Remote Monitoring Camera

If you wish to capture images from your mobile phone and live stream them (or do a remote monitoring), MultiEyeVision Observer seems like a fit product.

MultiEyeVision Observer is a Mobile phone that is also capable of functioning as a remote monitoring camera. The “Observer” is a preconfigured and preloaded mobile phone, and is available in several models of established brands.

The Observer mobile uses its inbuilt camera to capture images, and its inbuilt data connection to transmit the images continuously for secure viewing from anywhere over the internet. It does not need to be connected to a power supply because it can work on its inbuilt battery for several hours. Viewing the image stream is possible with any Internet-connected device such as a computer or even another mobile phone. You don’t need cabling, a broadband connection or a computer and is therefore very easy to operate. The second advantage is the mobility – it can be moved and placed anywhere at any time.

What’s your opinion on MultiEyeVision Observer?

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