Club Multiple URLs into One Short URL Using Stk8

We have covered some of the URL bunching services earlier, but Stk8 is the one we’d like/recommend to use.stk8_logo

What (read as "Stack-it") does is very simple – it fetches the link content in a very readable manner and embeds data from popular sites such as Youtube, Flickr, Amazon, Vimeo etc. directly on the page, so you have access to all the information on a single page (see this sample page on SFO).

Though this  is not really a startup idea, hacks like this can take an interesting route if they go viral.

What could be the potential of such a hack?

a. Creating stacks of useful resources and start a community effort around this (My Stack, Popular Stacks).

b. Build a wikipedia of useful resources – by combining rich media services.

c. Business domains where such stacks are highly useful (Education?)

Most of similar services have shut down within a few months of launch, owing to lack of any clear business model.  What do you think could be a monetization opportunity here?

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