Mumbai Barcamp Coverage: Demo of Burrp TV, Reach1to1, Webaroo, DeskAway

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  1. Burrp!TV
  2. Reach1to1
  3. Webaroo
  4. DeskAway


Burrp TV is an online TV guide from the same guys that brought you the restaurant and night life search engine. It lets you search for shows you like, set a reminder and then get a reminder when the shows about to play.

Burrp has a content licensing agreement with about 10 Channel groups that gives them access to show schedules.

The application allows you to “Time Travel” up to 2 weeks in advance through 14 channels and select upto 2 weeks in advance. Once you’ve found a movie you like, from the large assortment of channels available, you can set SMS reminders to remind you upto 1 hour before the show plays.

Expected features to be added are trailers, a recommendation engine and reviews.


Reach1to1 showcased their workflow management solution ‘On2Biz’ and explained how they built it using jQuery and its plugins along with their own framework.

This is not another Basecamp clone and was built for specific set of Reach1to1 clients. There was even a client present at the demo that testified to its scalability.

The entire application is built using jQuery and it plugins like form validators, auto completes, form builders, and alot of AJAX. Almost every click calls JavaScript method which could raise accesibilty issues. As they demonstrated each feature, I realised that the interface was not as intuitive as I expected it to be. The application was built around the features it provides rather than the user flow.

But how does On2Biz compare to established workflow management applications like 37 Signals Basecamp and Trac . Basecamp is much easier to use and has a very high install base already. Trac has a wiki, a roadmap and can integrate with Subversion. The unique features of On2Biz were the ability to customize workflows and a pipeline display.


The demo was on Webaroo 2, WikiSlice and the ability to run Wikipedia off a DVD.

Webaroo 2 no longer has web packs. It has now been divided into the content that people are looking for like Videos, Flickr Photos, RSS Feeds, Web Sites and Web History. Webaroo keeps adding content to your account based on what you’ve tagged, watched or surfed.

WikiSlice stores dumps of Wikipedia topics. It lets you browse through topics as slices of content rather than article-wise. The UI has been redesigned to show topics and sub-topics.

WikiPedia off a DVD lets you access all 5Gb of WikiPedia off your DVD ROM. You’ll have to download a DVD image file if you want to access any data. The DVD does not update itself and so if you want to keep it up to date you’ll have to download the DVD image again.
Many people thought it defeats the purpose of WikiPedia itself, by moving it offline, where it cannot be updated. The target audience would be people without internet connections and still want the great data on WikiPedia. The creators are monetizing it by adding ads to the browse UI. Ironically the ads will work only if you have an internet connection.


DeskAway is a web-based application online collaboration tool that targets SMB and small teams and sold on a subscription service either monthly or yearly. Its is quite similiar to Basecamp but has more features like a wiki and an API and mobile phone application is in the works. It was more streamlined and user friendly than On2Biz, the previous demo. So is this another Basecamp clone or viable solution.

They currently have around a thousand users on paid and free accounts.
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