Ridesharing Startups Launch Counter Strike to Mumbai Bus Strike

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Ridesharing Startups Launch Counter Strike to Mumbai Bus Strike

Mumbai busThe ongoing bus strike in Mumbai, has put people there in deep trouble. But this time around, a few startups are pitching in to help.

Mumbai, the economic hub of India, has been choked due to a flash strike by the staff of its BEST Undertaking bus service (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking), one of Mumbai’s public transport lifeline.

The flash strike was called for by the conductors and drivers of the bus service protesting against the newly introduced computerized scheduling system. The services employees nearly 22,000 drivers and conductors, who operate more than 4500 buses on nearly 500 routes across various regions in and around Mumbai.

Startups and services like Smart Mumbaikar, Traffline Mumbai and ShareTrip have taken it upon themselves to help nearly 5 million Mumbaikar’s stuck due to the strike.

Smart Mumbaikar

Users can tweet with the hashtag #wantlift or #givelift mentioning @smart_mumbaikar with from, to address and timing. The service will then pair up the user instantly to share any vehicle with other offering a share from same locations at the same times.

Users can also give a missed call to the number 08030636439 for a pickup from Andheri to Seepz in morning, reverse in evening.

Traffline Mumbai

Mumbai based real time traffic information service is also running a similar help channel where users can tweet with the hashtag #LetsShareCommute along with the from, to address and timing.


Users can also use Mumbai based ride sharing service Sharetrip to find other users to share auto,taxi,car or bike rides. The service is  gifting Rs.500 vouchers to 3 Mumbaikars who are helping others commute during the strike. You can visit here for more details.

You can also search for the hashtag #BestStrike to know about all the latest happening and rides available in Mumbai.


Ridesharing and carpooling services, especially the B2C ones have failed in India in the past. But at times like this, many users get a taste of ridesharing. While the strike is putting people through a lot, look at the bright side: this will let commuters experience ridesharing and realise their benefits for daily commute.

Strangely, this time around the cab services are not up to their usual Chance pe Dance during the strike. We saw a Tweet from Ola cab Mumbai ‘s twitter account about the strike.

If you know about other services or startups helping Mumbaikar’s with the BEST strike, do mention in the comments below.

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