News: Mumbai’s First Digital Library Launched, Indian Railways to go Contactless Smart Card Route

Indian Railways is planning to roll out Smart card based for automatic fare collection using automatic ticket vending machines (A­TVMs) across various cities in India (phase 1 includes New Delhi, Sec­underabad, Kolkata, Bhub­anes­war and Pune).

The project is expected to go live this September (source)

Mumbai’s First Digital Library Launched

A significant move, – Mumbai’s first ever digital library has been launched (State Central Library Digital Centre) enabling people to read digital content across different formats.

Other than digital content via CD/DVD-ROMs and the Internet, this Digital Library also houses select books on various topics like art, politics, history, technology, history, etc. The library houses an an Xbox 360, a multimedia-capable computer for kids to view digital content (Encyclopedias, movies, games, study material) from the selection available. (source)

Mobile phone to authenticate your identity – UID Project
Mobile phone will be used to verify your credentials, for authentication at banks, gas connection centres or while providing rural jobs, as per Unique Identification Authority chief Nandan Nilekani.

“Once the numbers are issued, we will go for online authentication. Lets say, you are asking for a job under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS). The authorities will send your number to the designated points through mobile. A message will be returned saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’,” – source

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