Mumbai Terror Attack and Online Traffic

Mumbai terror attack witnessed a huge surge in Internet traffic and TimesofIndia received 1.89 million unique visitors on Thursday, 26th November (while the earlier day average was 700,000). Pageviews shot to 17 million (on Thursday), a four-fold increase from 4.5 million on Wednesday.

Alexa report of various Internet properties:

mumbai attack online traffic
mumbai attack online traffic

Search queries like taj hotel mumbai, news mumbai, taj hotel rose ~1000% in Google – and the top countries (apart from India) that were searching for Mumbai related keyword were :

  • Sri Lanka
  • UAE
  • Mauritius
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh, followed by Singapore, HK, Oman and Kuwait. (Google insights)

mumbai attack search queries

Safe to assume that terrorism is a localized event (or Western countries were too busy with Black Friday?)

What’s your opinion?

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