Startup Musicfellas brings 360 degree experience to melomaniacs [DRM free Indie music]

The end result of the amalgamation with the perfect composition of entrepreneurial spirit and music loving is what we now know as Musicfellas, a music discovery platform which provides a 360 degree listening experience to the melomaniacs.

The inspiration for Musicfellas was a music blog which the founder Mayank Jain used to write after his full time job. The blog focused on the latest music gigs, events and new talent. Taking cue from fun he had writing the blog and his own passion for indie music, Mayank founded Musicfellas and launched it formally early this year.


Musicfellas: More than a digital store.
At first glance it is quite easy to mistake Musicfellas just as digital music store for indie music. Far from it, the focus as Mayank emphasizes is on providing an experience.

The core emphasis is on providing a meaningful conversation to the music creators and listeners. The platform provides an excellent engagement product, where the user can follow fellow listeners, share their playlists and bands, favorite and comment on songs. The idea is to create a tribe of music lovers. The simple reason that this could not be done over existing social networks is that we share our music tastes with very few people and in a community of music lovers, serendipity always helps discover new talent and content.

The artists can have their content on the platform as a paid or a free download. Bands like Parikrama are already offering their album for free while music from bands like Indian Ocean is available for free steaming. A number of indie bands and artists like Punkh and Kunal Datta are offering their music as an album or individual tracks.

The prices are fully decided by the artists for their content and they provide the content DRM-free for the listeners to enjoy platform agnostic. Musicfellas takes a share of 30% on the music sale which acts as its revenue stream.

The platform is an exciting approach to engage with fellow music lovers by creating a virtual identity based on their music tastes. The fact that all the music can be streamed for free either by creating a playlist or via the online radio is definitely a plus for the users.
Listeners can always buy a song they like and add items to cart for a single checkout or add money to the wallet for future transactions.

The service works flawlessly and the interface is clean and clutter free. The only issue we faced were things like being unable to see the entire collection at once (Right now the user can only see the top albums/artists curated by the team or make a search) or that rare confusing UI. The service works well on a desktop environment but on a mobile device where most of our content consumption takes place, the service works but is not optimized for it.

The Indie scene in India is fast shaping up and no wonder Musicfellas would play a major role in that. The focus for the team right now would be on launching the new interface along with removing those caveats and getting a number of new and interesting talent and content for the people to enjoy.

Musicfellas is operating under beta phase right now, but our readers can enter the code ‘nextbigwhat’ and try it out for themselves and share their experience.

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