#MobileLife: Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs (and startups)

From managing expenses to documents and file sharing and collaboration, many things are slowly going mobile. Here is a list of must have apps for an entrepreneur and a startup.

Startups always have a tight leash on expenses. Be it spending on toilet paper or eating out at a meeting, all money that leaves a startup must be watched carefully. We’ve covered this before but here are a few expense tracking applications to help you keep a better track of finances.


1. Toshl Finance Expense Tracker: Toshl Finance is both a website and a mobile app that works across all smartphone platforms and any computer you’re sitting at. Toshl is best for budgeting daily expenditures. It is available as an iOS, Android, Windows Phone app and also on the web.

2. Expensify: This is a great app for tracking expenses.  A user can easily create tags which makes it easier sort through expenses. You can also take photos to keep track of bills with this app. Expensify is available as apps for iOS andAndroid as well as on the web.

3. moBudget: is a Windows Phone app for keeping track of expenses. It allows users to save expenses in the cloud. It comes with Live tile support and Windows Phone 8 users can easily pin quick transactions to the Start screen. You can download moBudget here.

4. Receipts by Wave: Take photos of your receipts, upload it into Receipts by Wave and have it flow seamlessly into your small business accounting. No more paper clutter! You can connect this to free accounting tools built by Wave. More about WaveApps here.

5. Warrantify: At startups, we buy a few things. Right from computers to stationary and we need to keep track of warranties. Warrantify helps you do that online. You can store and manage your product documents, browse accesories related to your product and visually track life of your warranties. More here.

Documents & File Sharing Apps

File Sharing

1. Drop Box: This is pretty much everywhere these days. The free service lets you take all your photos, docs, and videos everywhere. Files on your Dropbox will automatically sync to your computer, mobile device and website. You can take everything that matters to you on the go. More here.

2. Box: Box isn’t as popular as Dropbox but it does pretty much the same thing that Dropbox does. You get a 5GB free account to access and edit your files and share them with team members. The document and spreadsheet editor makes it easy to work on files. More here.

3. Google Drive: The free service from Google lets you store files on the Google server and lets you access them on the go. The mobile app lets you edit and comment on files. It can handle different file types and documents. More here.

Collaboration AppsCollaboration Teamwork

1. Whatsapp:  The cross-platform mobile messaging app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia is not just for teens. Serious business users can use this to collaborate with team members. Besides sending free text messages, one can send files as well. The messenger has more than 300 million monthly active users. More here.

2. Google Hangouts: Over time, this has become quite useful. Hangouts replaced Gtalk on the phone recently. It can be used to collaborate with others, run a team chat or share files. You can make an audio or a video call as well or address a large group. You can even record or broadcast a hangout.

3. Join.me is a meeting app for everyone. The free version lets 10 people meet, share screen, chat, send files etc. The pro version lets you annotate, record, schedule meetings and do a few things more. More here.

4. Skype: For Windows phone users, Skype works best. The Microsoft owned calling software needs no introduction. Skype is available on other operating systems as well. The service is mostly free but also comes with a subscription based premium model that lets you have multiple video conversations among other things. More here

5. HipChat is positioned for businesses. It has persistent chat rooms, file sharing, instant notifications and other standard features. The interesting bit is that its 256 bit SSL encrypted, so your communication is secure. The app runs on all major operating systems and is free for a team of five. It costs $2 per user per month after that. More here.

Productivity Apps For StartupsProductivity

1. Deck is an easy to use presentation app for the phone. For the lack of a better phrase, its like power point for the phone. Only, easier and faster. It helps you get rid of all the design overheads and makes your slides look beautiful. Want change your pitch deck on the cab back form airport? Deck is for you. More here.

2. Google Calendar: For people heavily invested in the Google ecosystem, this is a must have application. It supports multiple calendars, sharing and collaboration. It is beautifully integrated with Google mail and makes life much easier. More here.

3. Kingsoft’s free mobile office suite is for you to create, edit, view and save documents made in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It has an e-mail application and is integrated to Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. More here.

4. DocumentsToGo is similar to the others in this genre. It lets you view edit and create Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. It also lets you see Pdf’, iWork and other files. It’s integrated ti Box, Dropbox, iDisk, SugarSync and e-mail. More here.

5. CamScanner is a very handy application that lets you turn your pone or mobile device to a scanner. It also lets you edit the scanned documents and sync with other devices. The 200 MB cloud space comes for free. The paid version comes at $4.99 a month and has additional features such as unlimited annotations, text extraction, document links with password protection and is free of ads. More here.

6. Splashtop 2: The remote desktop application is one of the best in its league. One can view and edit files remotely, watch movies, stream music from another computer, give presentations and play graphic intensive games from your iPad or other devices. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. More here.

7. Streak is an awesome CRM app that can be used for sales, bug tracking, customer support and other functions in a workplace. The Gmail based CRM software is currently on iOS and is coming soon to Android and other devices. The app lets you keep track of team activity, send multiple e-mails quickly and update the CRM. More here.

If you are always on the move, take a look at these travel apps and if you need to keep abreast of what’s going on, try out these aggregators (Google reader alternatives), most of them have apps.

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