Muziboo – Flickr of Music

Muziboo is trying to be Flickr of music, allows people to upload their music, and audience to rate and give feedback on that music. They are a “online music community” to build music collaboratively. Targeting themselves to the audiophiles, who both listen to and create music, Muzibo charges for pro account to get access to unlimited uploads and higher bitrate.

It has a small community of 1000 users, but a large percentage of users are active participants at Muziboo, with 30% having uploaded music. It uses its user to flag copyrighted songs.

Product Description
Muziboo is an online music community where independent audio artists can upload their music to get feedback. They aim to be the “Flickr of music.”

Target Audience
Audiophiles, both amateurs and professional musicians alike.


Ruby on Rails, Mysql

Funding Status
Self funded.

Other Statistics
1000+ Users.
30% of users are active users who upload music and leave reviews.

Time in operation
1 Year

Team Size
2 Founders.

Other Info

  • Muziboo charges for pro subscription which gives users unlimited downloads, higher bitrate etc.
  • Global focus – not limited to India.
  • Muziboo has an opensocial app, and embeddable version
[This is a guest post by Shabda from, a Django web development shop and Lakshman profiling companies which presented at Proto. Shabda earlier wrote an article on bootstrapping in India. We will publish few of his startup analysis here.]

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