Muziboo Shuts Down. Puts The Blame On Music Industry [DMCA]

Online community for music creators, Muziboo is shutting down due to several DMCA notices. And while founders have been running another startup Supportbee, Muziboo was in an auto-pilot mode (revenue model being subscription fees).muziboo
Muziboo claims to have 543076 registered members who have uploaded 211759 tracks and has received an overall traffic of 17 million visitors.

“As can be recognized, ripping music off a CD and uploading it to Muziboo for the world to download for free is infringement. If someone uploaded a home brew recording of a song to Muziboo, is that infringement? Can sharing a recording made solely for the purpose of practice and feedback be counted as a violation? In our opinion, no. These uploads do not serve any commercial purpose. They serve the only purpose of education for a musician and thus are not violations. The copyright owners don’t think so. This is where the friction begins for Muziboo.
Lately we have been receiving a number of DMCA notices everyday from different labels and what they claimed as infringement were just covers or karaokes of songs.
These DMCA requests were sent to us along with a CC to our hosting provider (Hetzner). Considering how Hetzner is as legally liable as we are, they have been warning us about the DMCA requests coming in everyday. A week back they gave their final warning before shutting Muziboo down. Violating copyright laws is a non-bailable criminal offense.
The music industry thwarts any public display of even non-commercial individual initiatives whose similarities to the copyrighted content may merely be tangential. This is abuse of copyright laws.
Muziboo is another lobby-less victim of that powerful predatory cabal that is the music industry.” [official blog]

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