Visa, Micromax and Transerv partner to launch mVisa cashless service

mVisa is a payment service that allows consumers to use their mobile phones to make cashless purchases, pay bills and send money to friends and family members.

mvisa_bnrUsers securely link their Visa debit, credit or prepaid account to the mVisa application and make purchases by scanning an mVisa Quick Response (QR) code at a retailer and initiating a transfer of funds from their account to the retailer’s account.

mVisa can be pre-embedded into different types of smartphones thereby greatly increasing consumer reach. Deep integration with devices presents great potential to create new payment experience, that will play a crucial role in shaping the future of digital payments.

mVisa payment solution will be made available to Micromax smartphone users through the native Udio app within their handsets, making Micromax the only handset provider with a native app facilitating mVisa issuance.

This is the first roll-out of mVisa through the Visa Developer Platform, an open platform that provides developers at merchants, financial institutions, technology companies and start-ups with access to some of Visa’s most popular payment services and capabilities to create new digital commerce experiences.

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