MWC Coverage – They all are talking about iPhone


MWC Coverage – They all are talking about iPhone

[Guest article by Sridhar,  an Entrepreneur with rich experience in building  Location based Services, currently working on couple of stealth Products, he was earlier the Founder-CEO of Yulop.]

Firstly, I must say ” why would anyone organize a grand-scale event in the freezing winter”,well its been an experience which i can’t forget easily. GSMA -Barcelona, the mecca,the Jerusalem,the Varanasi of Mobile Technology, this is the place where deals happen, people envisage the future of Mobile and bring in a new paradigm of how this Technology has changed the life of people for-ever. mqc

Yes, coming from Bangalore,haven’t come-across such a huge event,my first rant would be “Guys(organizers) please provide free internet for heaven-sake” [it costs you a bomb (Euro 4 for 30 mins)].

One can come across, huge Halls with companies (includes Operators,OEM’s,Developers) promoting Mobile Technology, applications under one roof, its truly magnanimous and worth every minute spent learning how this freakin device can change our lives and what else we can look forward to in coming days.

Let me summarize the event in my own words,and how it’s been helpful to a person like me coming here, the rest of the press releases can be found [here].

This is a event filled with talks,sessions, keynotes and following are the things which my brain could pick-up and understand:

  • Every speakers talks about iPhone-Apple, the irony being no Apple stand to promote iPhone and their new technology,its amazing how Mr.Jobs has changed the way we refer and compare every future technology to what Apple does.
  • App-Stores are the talk of the hour, you know there are nearly 40++ App stores on this planet,every manufacturer,third-party, now Operators also believe the way to en-cash the mobile in the hands of an user is by providing Apps.
  • Distimo [] provides detail report,analytics of the App-stores, they track 40 App stores,its very useful for developers to know the trend.
  • New-Devices are released and marketed in a great-way, Samsung, HTC, Huawei,Panasonic,everyone are into device business, Samsung now has their own platform called Bada (now another OS where a developer should learn new language and build Apps to it).
  • Windows Mobile 7 series [i hate their nomenclature] is released and its very much inspired by iPhone :).
  • I’m an iPhone user from past 10 months, everyone i have seen in this event wants to replicate the iPhone features like slide, size,look and the cover as well,don’t know what else to say, its like we live in two two generations, phones before iPhones are B.C iphone and after would be A.D iPhone [iPhone isn’t dead though].
  • Moving on, Operators, manufacturers are looking into the Mobile broadband and considering adopting the LTE, i know we in India haven’t seen the HSPA also evolve, but LTE is much better in terms of technological requirements and US, Europe would launch this simultaneously,this would be a leading gateway for Mobile broadband.

One thing i realized after coming to this event, Operators around the world simply dont have spectrum to increase the mobile broadband, and the infrastructure investments are huge considering what they earn from the top-up.Infact the question which Eric Schmidt [key note speaker] found it very uneasy to answer was would Google invest in Infrastructure, he just said “No”.Eric had to answer tough questions and he did retaliate well in the end.

One speech which was very interesting was from the RIM co-CEO (Blackberry), he spoke about how Blackberry has been instrumental in consuming less packets over the network for the Internet(mail) access compared to other devices, he infact quoted ” Three BB’s could replace one other device in terms of accessing the the internet, something to think-of.

I always personally felt, Operators are the key enablers in this eco-system, they are the ones who reach end-users, they are the ones who are good at billing, they are the ones who knows exactly the location of the users, and they can turn the table if they unite and harness the power of Developers community.Keeping this in Mind,its OneAPI the new convergence of many operators and device manufacturers who would give a single gateway for developers to target consumers through kick-ass applications, its currently been worked-out in CANADA to see how the Value chain could evolve.
Nokia was missing in the event, dont know why would Google and Nokia not participate actively in the industry event. Its really great to see some cool applications (via AppPlanet) including the new formats in Mobile Payment and i was personally very interested in the way how Location based Services has evolved over the years, yes every year, its been said “its the Location Based year” but its yet to kick-off in a big way.

Indian companies @MWC

Many Indian Companies are part of the Event, and its really overwhelming to have a look at their innovations and many of them had qualified for the last round of Mobile Awards ceremony, congrats to all the winners and Wish more Indian companies win the Oscars of Mobile.

The event was a consortium and a platform for Developers – Operators – OEM’s and to create more openness in the ecosystem. It was very clear from the event, its the bottom of the Pyramid where the Cash-cow is,its not only by adding more subscribers or talktime (as Indian operators believe) which would generate money, but important Value Added Services pertaining to the regional, geographical requirements would trigger the growth.
Operators need to embrace the new changes and should Open-up their access system to Developers and work out a revenue sharing models in moving forward. With 500 million Mobile Subscription base in India, we being developers have a huge responsibility in building Value Added applications which could actually solve the pain of the end-user and in turn enabling him to pay for the services would be the next wave to come-by.

Would try to update with another post for the last 2 days remaining, but its too cold to sit and write. I would prefer Google translator to convert Speech to text  and make my life easier. Did i say Google ? 🙂

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