Experience music like never before.

By now, you guys must have realized that I am a big time music buff. I have covered few interesting musical products in the past and am always in the lookout for more jazz [let me know, if you are aware of more!]

Here is presenting the grand daddy of all products – MxPlay.

Mxplay is a damn cool music player and if you are wondering why the heck you need another music player, Chau [my friend from moviewalah] explains it for you [in his style!!]

Well if with your existing media player you can adjust the direction where the sound is coming from, if you can control the size of the virtual room you are in, if you can easily create mash ups, superimpose a 50 cent song over a Mohd.Rafi-Asha duet, browse new kinds of music and share your artistic ability with your friends….then you really don’t need another one.

For everyone else, MXPLAY allows you to do all of that and much more without having to earn a PhD in DJing. Well if you already have one, then you’ll love it even more. Oh and did I say that the sound quality (use those head phones) is WAAAY better than any player I’ve tried before.

Couple of things you can do with MXPLAY [and not with other players]:

  • Create AudioSpace: Similar to MySpace, which is your personalized web page, an AudioSpace is a new way to personalize your music experience. You decide what your music looks like with photos and videos and what your music sounds like by moving the music in the AudioSpace.
  • Mashup or shutup: You can match music with videos etc, create your own mashups and share with friends. And mind you, these mashups can be way too cool and sexy.
  • Search for audiospace: There are couple of sexy audiospace floating around and you can coolly search and listen to For e.g. watch this hindi movie with english soundtrack!

In short, you can be a f**king cool DJ in no seconds.
MXPLAY has been very slow with their beta rollouts, so if you need one, let me know. I will send an invite.

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