MyBangalore – Bangalore City Portal (Content, not Search)

MyBangalore is a city centric portal that focuses on news/events/lifestyle businesses in the city.

The content heavy site lets you browse through several categories like arts/culture, lifestyle, education,news,classified etc.

MyBangalore, though neatly laid out lacks one thing – a single use case where a user should visits their site and not go to a local search player for information.

The site heavily believes in explore (and not search), while the world is shifting towards search (esp. for local information needs).

And if they have to be content heavy, focus on one vertical (say lifestyle or classified or news) and crack it – monetization will happen via content licensing. But trying to be a content portal (that too, without a search box) is not a winning strategy (take my word for this).

I strongly urge the founders to hit the whiteboard/rethink their strategy – otherwise they will easily lose out to local search players (who also have a browse/explore offering).

What’s your take?

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