MyCollege Wants To Make College Academics & Management a Paper Free Affair

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MyCollege Wants To Make College Academics & Management a Paper Free Affair

MycollegeERPWhen I was in college getting the hall ticket and paying fees were some of the most tedious tasks to get done. Multiple verification and signatures from all the departments I didn’t care to remember, absentee staff and missing files made it a mess every semester. Apparently, the engineering colleges weren’t using much of technology themselves. This is when something like MyCollege, an ERP for colleges would have been helpful. The solution, is a mix of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and a Learning Management System (LMS) and wants to help make things easy for students as well as management.

The service help digitize all activities of a college campus and also takes care of redundancy by automating most of the tasks like system administration, admission & fee management, student & teacher profile management, online content management and campus placement management.

MyCollege is a web based service and hence provides users with anytime, anywhere access. The solution also takes care of data security with various methods such as https login, and encrypted data.

Some of the features for student include online attendance, online notice board, online assignments, online examination and virtual classroom.

Similarly the features for the management include stent informations, admission module, fees management, report generation and campus placement.


The product currently has more than 8 colleges with more than 3000 active users on it. The cost of the product starts from Rs 1.2 lakhs and goes up to Rs 2.5 lakhs, an annual maintenance charge (AMC) is collected after 2 years of use. The product can also be customized according to specific institution requirements.

There are a lot of education and college management ERP solution in the Indian market. Earlier in March this year Bangalore based Foradian Technologies, which makes the popular open source school management information system Fedena, had launched Fedena Marketplace, a place to buy plugins for Fedena. The plugins and tools sold available in the marketplace can be used on Fedena’s school management system to add more functionality.

New Delhi based startup Agnitio develops  management products for educational institutions (K-12/undergrad and grad schools), which will help them connect better with the student community. The company has an institute-specific virtual private network platform for the stakeholder community in institution. Using this platform, they can access information regarding needs of students, teachers, alumni and parents. The network also helps them manage connect and consume certain information relevant for them and be in touch with other stakeholders also.

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