MyDiscountHero Brings Discounts to your Phone

mydiscountheroWalk into a store. Scan a code printed on the counter, show it to the seller and walk out with a discount. Don’t have a smartphone? You get the same deal on SMS. Simple? App startup MyDiscountHero thinks this will be a game changer.

The app, which became operational in January 2013, is a loyalty based reward service,which is available via SMS and smartphone application, through which you can search and find great visit-based deals at your favorite places.

The service keeps track of your visits and provide tailored offers at partner merchants.

It ensures that you get rewarded for your loyalty towards the partnered brands with exclusive visit based deals. The app intends to free you of tedious reservations, inconvenient printouts and lousy limited menus.

MyDiscountHero has also introduced a new concept of ‘Specials’ which are highly customized deals running for a limited period of time are offered to users. e.g. Get 40% off on Wednesday between 5 to 7 PM for first 20 people.

The service is targeted towards young, tech savvy, eating-out demographic who are constantly on the go and are not bargain hunters but  are looking for a good deal while not wanting to ruin the experience of eating out.

The merchants, who have signed up, can also run multiple customized offers for their customers to drive traffic on slow days.

The mobile application has an interesting and colorful opening screen, from which you can click on the tab you  require. The ‘Popular’ tab lists all the popular offers available, on clicking a particular offer the detail are displayed. The ‘Mylist’ and ‘Coupons’ tab display details related to your visits to participating merchants. The app design seems pretty standard and could do with some fine tuning in the design department.

The service is also available through SMS for people who don’t have a smartphone.

We had recently covered another application, Dealchaat, that lets consumers locate the best deals around them on map. Companies like DelightCircle and ChekmeIn have been in the location based deals and loyalty management space some time now. A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group said that purchases worth nearly $150 bn will be digitally influenced by 2016. Quite obviously, such apps will play a role. But it remains to be seen how MyDiscountHero differentiates itself and goes about customer acquisition as well as signing up more partners.

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