Crowdfunded Custom Apparels Startup My Dream Store Secures Funding

logoHyderabad based startup My Dream Store has received INR 2Crore in funding from an undisclosed city-based investor. My Dream Store is a crowd-funded apparels website that allows users to create campaigns to launch and sell custom designed apparels.
The website was started in March 2014 by Karthik Venkat. The users on the website can launch a campaign as the ideator or the designer. The website takes care of the manufacturing, quality assurance, logistics and handling part of the dream store 1
A campaign on MyDreamStore begins by uploading an image or working with the website’s library. Campaign sales goal is the number of units that the user plans on selling. Social sharing is then used to collect pre-orders from buyers, which are not billed unless the sales goal is achieved. Once the goal is reached, the apparels are printed and sold.
Apparels can be sold even after the sales target is reached, as long as the campaign continues. Once the campaign ends, the website manages the printing and shipping and the campaign manager gets a check from the profit.
The manufacturing is done by local third party manufacturers. If the user’s initial ideas are raw, there are designers on the website who can assist the user with such details. Since the campaigns are crowd funded,user does not need to invest any money. The website puts no constraints on creativity and also handles the logistics of the product.

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