Indian Government Launches MyGov, An Ideation Platform

Prime Minister has launched MyGov, a platform that empowers the citizens of India to contribute towards Surajya,

Through this platform (, the government aims to encourage citizen participation towards good governance by seeking their ideas, suggestions and importantly, grass roots level contribution.


The platform consists of various focus groups where citizens can undertake tasks (both online and on ground) as well as share their insights through various discussions related to the particular group.

Discussion – Citizens can join discussions within groups to share or express their views, ideas, and thoughts with the help of pictures, videos, documents, etc. on policies as well as on matters of national interest and collaborate on key areas of development and governance. The portal claims that some of the best ideas and suggestions will straight away reach the Prime Minister of India.

Do (Tasks) – Citizens can volunteer for a task within a Group in the ‘Do’ section as per their skills and interest areas. As of now there is a limit of 4 groups that a citizen can join. This is to ensure there is meaningful & effective contribution from every citizen in the areas of interest that they have indicated while registering (a great product management thinking).

Successful completion of a task will enable citizens to earn credit points and a chance to share their ideas with the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

An interesting concept for sure, but we certainly believe that the government (eventually) needs to bring in more backend enablement, i.e. engagement with real babus, MPs and IAS officers who can bring in more real world view of implementing suggestions.

For now, go ahead and register (ofcourse there is a daily limit on number of users the portal can register).

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