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mymuv is a trend tracking site which essentially tracks the changing trends and tastes. So for e.g. if you wanna know what’s in vogue [e.g. Nike or Adidas? Nokia or…

mymuv is a trend tracking site which essentially tracks the changing trends and tastes. So for e.g. if you wanna know what’s in vogue [e.g. Nike or Adidas? Nokia or Sony?], hit mymuv!

How does it work?
mymuv lets you start by posting your lifestyle changes (i.e. muvs) and let others decide if your muv is a happening one or not.

At the face of it, this is a damn neat idea! Infact, any theme based network will always attract the crowd and mymuv has the right ingredients to make smart ‘muvs’. If targeted well, mymuv can actually tap the trends in the youth segment and should be able to compete with the regular market research.

Though the site is neat and clutter free, there are missing bells and whistles:

  • The UI needs some cleaning up
    Let me ask this – why do people vote for/against a trend/product? Because they are unconsciously/emotionally/strongly connected to that trend.So, for e.g. if you expect me to vote on Enfield vs. Pulsar, I should instantly feel the emotional rush to bring down the Pulsar muvs [because I feel connected to Enfield, the machine] and will stick around to make sure that Enfield wins.
    The *muv* that I am trying to make is that even the UI should throw out a similar passion, love/hatred equation; which is completely missing.mymuv guys should really consider changing the fonts/colors, and the overall UI layout. Somehow I don’t feel ‘muvd’ about the current un-intuitive UI!
  • Why is mymuv too Indian?
    Just because it’s an Indian site? I strongly believe that a product like this can have a global appeal. There is no reason why mymuv has to confine to Indian audience only.Infact, as a matter of fact all trends starts from the west. Be it the technical trends or the fashion trends, West is the epicenter of new new things!
    Indian kids/youth aren’t the first-hand trendy guys-and that also explains why super successful products like MySpace fall flat in India.If these guys have to succeed, they should cater to the western audience too!
  • Is trend always a comparison of Product X vs. Product Y?
    Actually not! Trends can be about solo products too!
    Case in point – Digg is a trend, but when Digg was launched, which other product would you have compared Digg with?Also, have a look at trendhunter – These guys don’t just focus on X vs. Y, they also capture the upcoming trends too. And that’s the direction mymuv should also think of – i.e. give away a blank canvas for users to share the latest trends/happening stuff.
  • Launch
    One of the most important launch lesson is to make sure that you create enough content during the private beta phase. Otherwise your users will leave the site in no seconds.
    The current state of mymuv has very limited content and I do expect them to add quality content within a very short span.
  • Incentivise people to participate
    Create some trendy point system, organize some college level contests [offline as well as online], incentivise people [by distributing points for participation], declare the ‘trendy guy/gal of this month’ etc… in short, inflate their ego!
  • Generate controversy
    A trend system, like mymuv needs two opposing schools of thoughts for stickiness – one which supports the trend, and the other against it!
    Controversial muvs, in my opinion will help grow the product [which otherwise seems too sober, and hence unparticipatory].

In short, mymuv has hit upon a grand idea [and an easy to remember brand identity too!] and if executed well, I see big brands testing the trends @ mymuv. But mymuv guys really need to work on driving the product [and community] in a certain direction!

And of course, muv outside the Indian boundary too!

Had enough? Make a muv? shall we?

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