MyNewsStudio – Visual Guide on Current Affairs for Students

MyNewsStudio is a news and information aggregation tool with a cool visual presentation layer. It is aimed at enabling students in brushing up their current affairs on various subjects

MyNewsStudio is a news and information aggregation tool with a cool visual presentation layer. It is aimed at enabling students in brushing up their current affairs on various subjects. If the intended purpose was for career development it is unclear why they would have topics on humor, lifestyle, entertainment!

Given that you have many good news aggregation services including the obvious Google News service, this had to have something unique. And it does that with its reader panel, that is a pleasure to read as it cuts out all the Ads! Now I wonder how they managed to work around the copyright issues. In response to the question, Sumedh Chaudhry COO, AppNix Technologies says

We have developed a proprietary tool called StudioView which allows us to provide Ad free PDF style news articles. Our team is in talks with various media houses that will help us augment the experience further.

Presumably they are in talks about the copyright issues too. Apart from the reading experience he emphasizes the vocabulary building feature of the tool. It highlights certain words that the reader can look up and remembers the context for future usage.

They additionally do provide the bookmarking functionality. But Delicious or Pugmarks is a far more useful tool for this as it suggests similar articles liked by others. The news reader allows you to add your selected topics. But apparently only the recommended articles are curated by the editorial team. The recommended articles covers the essential topics on technology, international, business, india and sports. It would have been useful if they had made it more explicit that only the recommended articles are curated. The other articles from general categories seem to be more randomly picked by the engine and sometimes the results are irrelevant. For instance on selecting economics feed – the articles that showed up were from economics papers and magazines and oddly many of them were news on politics!


The one unique aspect that the site does live up to in its goal of bringing the student up to speed on issues is its NewsGraph. It has some great infographics on some interesting and useful topics. In economics it had some nice content on Raghruram Rajan, fiscal deficit, etc. But the content is limited and it has to be more exhaustive. Since this is in-house content design, it will be resource intensive to scale. But that should be the focus as it is the USP! Since the website charges for the services beyond a week, more of such unique content would justify the cost (however economical the package may be!)

The glossary is unimaginative and straightforward. One might as well google it. For a site focussed on students it has to have the mandatory quiz section and it does. But presently there are only four topics. And eccentric ones such as polio eradication! They also have a essay writing contest section, which seems more of a bloggers space on any topic you choose. It perhaps saves as a ego boost if you do win.

Do give the site a spin and head straight to the Newsgraph section. You are bound to get some useful gyaan there. In its present form most can consume all their useful gyaan within the week’s free period! But if you do fancy the comfortable reading panel without ads (for now) you might want to bring out your wallet then.

Why you should try it

– Great Ad free reading experience
– Useful vocabulary building feature
– Great Infographics on key issues
– Curated articles in recommended section

Things it could improve

– More focus on curated articles
– Larger collection of custom content such as the infographics
– Remove non-essentials such as entertainment and humor streams

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