myNoticePeriod Helps Recruiters Hire Faster; Find Ready to Join Workforce

mynoticeperiodHalf the startups in the world will tell you how hard it is to hire great people. The other half will tell you how difficult it is to retain them.

When trying to scale a company or bring new people onboard, usually, the time taken is really high.

You take a few weeks to find someone and then a couple of months for them to serve out their notice period.

Mynoticeperiod wants to help you cut this lead time down. The startup wants to take a fresh approach to hiring. For recruiters, it wants to solve the problem right from helping to find the right skill sets to finding fresh profiles.

People can join your company from as early as 5 days. The expectations are also known upfront so that one doesn’t have to do too much back and forth.

Currently, Mynoticeperiod has 13,500 job seekers on the site and over 1300 recruiters. Mynoticeperiod also creates a nice competing atmosphere for talent by telling recruiters how many days a particular job seeker is available for. For employees this seems like a great option to pick.

But is it ethical? Recruiters don’t always like it when employees shop around for offers after they’ve made one themselves.

Mynoticeperiod demoed at UnPluggd this May. Here’s a quick video on the launch.

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