Myntra To Go App-Only From May 15

Fashion discovery company Myntra has officially announced that it will shut down its website and become an app-only service from May 15.
Myntra Logo New
With mobile becoming the primary medium for online shopping in India, the company is diverting all its focus towards providing customers with a more personalised experience.

“This May 15th, 2015, Myntra is taking the first step towards the future of fashion shopping – we move on from the desktop to being exclusively available on the app,” the company said.

The Flipkart-owned company has already revealed that about 70% of its revenue is driven by the mobile app, which also accounts for 90% of its traffic.
Which stats so skewed in the mobile apps favour, it makes sense for the company to rejig resources away from developing for the web and focus solely on mobile shopping.
Even Myntra’s parent company has toyed with the idea of an app-only model by prompting users to download the app on their smartphones by blocking access to its website on mobile devices.
Myntra will officially detail its mobile-only plans at a press meet in Bangalore on May 12, where more details of the strategy should be revealed.
The latest announcement comes just days after Myntra acquired app development platform Native5 which will help in strengthening its own mobile technology team.
With smartphone sales booming in India, they’re increasingly becoming the primary devices for users to go online, prompting Internet companies to ditch developing for the web and focus primarily on building better apps.

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