Has Myntra’s App-only Strategy Backfired?

[Editorial notes : Myntra went app-only and a productgeek, Ashok Boddeda takes a stock of the result of Myntra’s app only decision.]

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. ~ Bill Gates

Google Play Store Reviews

Myntra’s play store reviews clearly depicts a lot of compatibility issues with so many flavors of android versions as well as mobile maker support issues. Most of their recent reviews rated as 1 star, that shows the customers dissatisfaction towards their move. Another major drawback is that they are loosing the loyal customers who are facing app crash issues and unable to make their purchases; and hence switch to competition, Jabong.com.



Alexa’s Traffic Downfall

Myntra was one of the high traffic website with top ranking and best ranked as 17th in Indian web traffic. Since the App-only decision there is a steep down fall in their ranking as well as traffic. Based on below stats from Alexa, presently this is ranked as 289 in India and fell down 713 positions from global ranking perspective.



Possible Key Reason For App-Only Strategy

The key reason for this move given by Myntra is to provide a personalized shopping experience for the customers and to avoid huge maintenance cost on desktop based system but in reality the real reason is not the same.

In fact, for mobile apps one has to maintain the code base for multiple version of the Android and different maker support for each device type. They key benefit of mobile app is to enable the customer engagement by regular notifications and obtaining the key personification data where the same is difficult to get in desktop customer.


While chasing the customer engagement, Myntra.com is also losing the solid customer base and their loyalty. In the software world, acquisition always kills the creative products. Yahoo had many acquisitions and killed so many products like Flickr, Digg, delicious and more. Since FlipKart.com has bought Myntra.com, hope history doesn’t repeat.

  1. “They key benefit of mobile app is to enable the customer engagement by regular notifications”
    Regular notifications is a pain in the ass. I don’t sit all day long to buy stuff from Myntra. I’ll buy something when I need it, and not because I received an irritating notification.

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