Ecommerce Pulse from Social Media : Myntra : 20% Layoff, Snapdeal sending Teddy Bear to make up for delivery delay

Now that Amazon has launched in India, our Twitter timeline/Facebook is full of all praise for Amazon delivery and how the company is able to manage delivery within a few hours.

What’s happening with Indian ecommerce companies? Well, we bring a few selected updates from social media on how Indian companies are reacting in terms of customer experience, managing cost (hint: layoff) and saving some margin cost:

1. Myntra: 20% Layoff

After a massive layoff by Flipkart, it seems like Myntra too has laid-off 20% of its employees.

We have also got a few sources mentioning the same.
While we try not to get into sensationalism of layoffs etc, we recommend employees to read this : Note to Ecommerce Employees : You Were Super Lucky [Don’t Hate Your Founder].

2. Snapdeal

“Snapdeal is not delivering any of the items (3 orders) I ordered till now.. and in return sends a Teddy Bear to show concern….”

snapdeal teddy

3. Flipkart

Flipkart has stopped shipping orders more than INR 10,000 to UP including parts of NCR cause people place orders just for fun!

Well, time to kill CoD for selected pin codes? The good news is that ecommerce companies are maturing to real problems!

Talking abour CoD, maybe Flipkart should make it free for Rs. 498 and above?

4. Amazon 

The comparison is ON. Keep opening your wallet and there is a room for everybody!

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