– Local search startup for Delhi/NCR Region

MyQuest is Delhi based local search service that is attempting to pretty much cover everything in the local search space- right from providing local business information (like hotels/restaurants/retails/tours ;n; travels etc) to movies/events, currency convertor, fengshui and even time/weather information.

The local search market is quite hot and the current players are expanding their area of scope as well as device accesses (ie. go ubiquitous)


I tried out the MyQuest search and looks like the team has a long way to go in terms of flushing out relevant results, and most importantly, identifying a core area of differentiation.

Bigger question to local search player is combating the G-effect. They need to build services which Google won’t even get into (for instance, Yulop has built Yulop Books portal to cater to regional languages).

How about monetization? Isn’t that a huge challenge for local service startups too? is currently available only for Delhi/NCR residents and will soon expand to other cities.
If you are Delhi based, please give a spin and share your comments/feedbacks.

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