PR: MySpace India Fights Back


PR: MySpace India Fights Back

MySpace, the premier lifestyle portal is giving the Indian youth a platform to voice the issues that concern them through its initiative- ‘India Fights Back’. Launched in late 2008, the medium facilitates freedom of expression and aspires to steadily create a movement that brings about a positive change amongst the youth.

In November 2008, the MySpace ‘India Fights Back’ campaign brought together hundreds of MySpace users to voice their opinions and to express their solidarity after the terror attacks in Mumbai. Giving the campaign an impetus was the participation of celebrities like Vishal Dadlani and Farah Khan, who also actively condemned the attacks on MySpace.

Since then, the campaign’s URL: has seen tremendous feedback, with users vociferously discussing topics ranging from poor infrastructure to eve-teasing and global warming to examination duress. MySpace India Fights Back is, thus, a portal for the youngsters to talk about what concerns them and collectively reach a solution for a better tomorrow.

This April, MySpace India is taking India Fights Back a step ahead by introducing Generation Y’s icons to the campaign. Eminent personalities, including Priya Dutt, Raghu Ram, Rajiv Lakshman, Junaid Memon and Ameet Satam will now interface with users and present their perceptions about various social issues that need urgent consideration.

Using MySpace ‘India Fights Back’ Priya Dutt is actively trying to create awareness and encourage the youngsters of today to vote. Popular thought leader Ameet Satam has joined the India Fights Back Campaign to address the issue of global warming and set the next generation on the road to conserve nature. Eminent ad-film maker Junaid Memongives voice to issues that lie at the periphery of every youth’s life. Finally, youth icons Raghu and Rajiv have joined the campaign to exhort youngsters to be the change that they want to see in the country.

In the near future, MySpace hopes to address more such socially relevant issues and engage the users in making a difference in their own small way.

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