MySpace India Launches Music Portal for Independent Musicians


MySpace India is on a roll – they announced secret shows (which is scheduled for today) and has announced the launch of Music Central, a social music portal in India for independent music genre (details).

The music portal has been designed to be a one-stop shop for discovery of all kinds of Indian non-mainstream music – including Rock, Pop, Classical, Electronica, Sufi, Folk, Heavy Metal, Bhangra etc.

Essentially,  Music Central aims at creating a platform for the well known and the unknown musicians in India and eventually hopes to be seen as a bountiful resource that record labels can tap to discover fresh talent.

There are couple of useful resources like directory of Indian Artists, You Oughta Know (for discovery of bands)

This is a welcoming trend and there are very few players in this space (read :  Startups for the Independent musicians/artists), but none of the existing players have the deep pockets to promote independent musicians (and some of them are mostly run on a non-profit/pure-passion mode without leading to any key results).

MySpace does fill a gap here and only time will tell, if they get love from independent musicians or not.

What’s your opinion?

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