MySpace now bundled with Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile and MySpace have announced a partnership that will now see MySpace available on Virgin Mobile (only for wap-enabled phones).

Users can access MySpace by clicking the MySpace link on vBytes (users pay a daily charge of Rs. 5/- for accessing vBytes) and can access the socionet on their mobile.

This is a significant move for MySpace (claims user base of 1.2 million in India), given Virgin Mobile’s positioning as a youth product (and most importantly, the pricing – vKewl and vSleek are two WAP-enabled handsets from Virgin Mobile and are priced at Rs. 3499/ and 2999/ respectively).

Orkut too launched it’s mobile version a few months back, but bundling of one’s app with a contextual service is surely a good deal.

What’s your take on MySpace+Virgin combination?

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