MySuperBrain: An Online Platform Enabling Overall Development of Children

Education in India is all about “How much marks a child is getting” or “Whether he will make it to IIT / IIM or not”. Child’s academic report card is…


Education in India is all about “How much marks a child is getting” or “Whether he will make it to IIT / IIM or not”. Child’s academic report card is considered to be a determinant of his/her IQ.

This approach has been questioned by Howard Gardner (American developmental psychologist and professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education) in his Theory of Multiple Intelligences. According to him, current approach only evaluates two types of intelligences – linguistic and logical. There are five other types of intelligences which one should access to understand overall intelligence level or areas of core competence of an individual.

Mysuperbrain is attempting to bring this theory to practice, thus helping in overall development of children and helping them make career choices in which they can excel. This is done by a mix of learning, competitions and recognition in areas of 7 intelligences.

Below is Q&A with Mr. Bojja Raghavendar Reddy, CEO & Co-Founder at

Q: What can a student do on your portal?

We have found that overall development of child is not a focus for majority schools and stress is laid only on academic performance. We help in overall development of children, going beyond academics.


At, we believe that there are three main aspects of all round development: Learning, Competing, and Recognition. We offer the following to students:

1. We offer learning material relating to diverse topics – health, science, vedic mathematics, current affairs, leadership etc.

2. Student can participate in Educational Games, Quizzes and Competition – puzzles, Sudoku, painting, creative writing etc.

3. As student keeps participating and performing, he /she keeps gathering points. Each month we recognize winners with prizes and medals. Also, students get visibility amongst audience and mentoring from our team of experts.

Q: You are working in the area of child development, which is very sensitive area and needs in-depth expertise. Is the content & approach accredited by any industry body?

No there is no accreditation. However, we have researched and talked to several subject matter experts in India and abroad. Also, we have few child psychologists on board as consultants who work with us. All learning material is prepared by subject matter experts.

Q: Which classes / age group are you targeting? Is the content same for all age groups / classes?

We cater to students from 3rd to 9th standard. We have separate quizzes / contests for different age groups.

Q: Are schools and especially parents open to this idea?

I think, several schools and parents realize this problem and are open to this idea. To demonstrate effectiveness of our offering, we conduct free workshops in selected schools. We also provide free pass to our website few months if schools are interested in our offering. We also interact with parents in parent-teacher meetings to make them aware about our offering.

Q: What is the business model?

For us, customers are schools but success will be determined by students coming back to our website again and again on their own. At present, we offer two models:

Freemium model: Students get access to the site for free. In this case, we will be having ads as source of revenue.

Premium model: In this case, student will get access to our monthly publication apart from educational content on the website. Also, one will not get to see any ads. Annual fee for this offering is 720 Rs.

We started 10 months back and 25-30 schools in South India are trying our offering.


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