Mytestbuddy Wants To Help Students Overcome Exam Nightmares

Exams, be it big or small, easy or tough, have been haunting students and causing nightmares for them. A major reason for these scary bouts before exams is due to doubts, questions, unavailability of notes and lack of guidance, leading to higher stress levels.

Every year thousands of students go to coaching classes before appearing in competitive examinations, spending thousands of rupees not only on the classes but also on the accommodation, food and travel expenses which is in no way related to your competitive examination prep.

Deep Lodhari, the founder of Mytestbuddy, was in a similar situation some time back. He says “While preparing for my pre-PG examinations, I faced a lot of issues, especially I did not know what to study and what not to, the exam curriculum was vast and frankly I was lost. The coaching classes charged astronomical amounts and I knew they were no good.”Mytestbuddy

He realised that there were flaws in the way students prepare for competitive exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, IIM CAT, GMAT, GRE, Banking tests, etc “I wanted a test buddy and that’s how I started developing a concept of online educational companion which would be like a all purpose place for students to study online”  This lead him to create MytestBuddy, a social networking platform where students can share views, challenge what was given in the books and discuss various aspects of the examination with the other students.

Mytestbuddy is an educational social learning web portal that intends to help the educators collaborate online learning more efficiently, streamline communication, engage parents.

Using the service teachers and parents can see their student’s or children’s progress. Teachers can also use the product to give out specific tests and create content for their students, provide students with online assignments and more.

The portal also has mock test series and online full length tests, virtual simulations of the competitive examinations for students to practise. You can see the pricing list for the courses here. According to the company, the service currently has around 50,000 subscribers with more than 400 teachers.

The service competes with many others such as Studycopter and TESTfunda that operate in the same space.

The main revenue source for the portal is through its premium test memberships for the students which costs Rs 1200. Apart from this the service also has a product called as “My Class” which is a B2B product for academic institutes and coaching centers, who can use the service to create an online classes priced at Rs 100/per student/per annum (per login).

We had recently reviewed Delhi based startup Studycopter, an online portal for students which offers e-learning solution is an adaptive platform for exams like GMAT.

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