mYwindow: One Magical Place for Your Entire Identity [UnPluggd Demo #5 ]

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mYwindow: One Magical Place for Your Entire Identity [UnPluggd Demo #5 ]

Social networks have always been about following people and their updates. Till now, none of the social networks gave you luxury to follow your passion and content you cared about. However, here comes, a self network, which allows users to cut through the noise, and follow content which matters the most.


mYwindow allows you to create your identity, follow passion (content) and add family members. To have a more emphatic identity the platform enables you to record brief video story about yourself, and upload it as a cover video.

On top of all these, myWindow lets users search all YouTube videos on it that can be shared across social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. This particular feature weeds out the pain of going to YouTube every now and then if one has to share videos on social networks.

Importantly, mYwindow gives you complete control over your profile. You can choose how people can search for you by filling in what you feel describes you best. Others can only see what you choose to show them.

The site allows group chat with people all over the world for free. It also has a self learning calendar. The site aims to be the collection of all social and online identities in one place.

Launched in private beta in January 2013, it now has over 20,000 users and mobile apps for Android and iOS are on their way.

Founded by Kiran Shah and Nikunj Agarwal, mYwindow launched in private beta in February this year with request based access only. So far, it has amassed 75,000 registered users who have created their windows within 3 months.

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