MyYahoo, iGoogle or Netvibes – What’s your starting page?

Personalized page is an important strategy for all the portals, as they command the highest degree of stickiness and serve as the default page/starting page for a regular visitor (especially the non-geekies).

Google, after seeing the Aug 2007 spurt is more or less following an organic growth, while Netvibes has registered a decent increase in UUs.

In India, Google is pushing iGoogle via Airtel partnership and is probably using other tactics to increase the adoption.

Sometimes (actually, most of the times) feature parity doesn’t really matter (as many of you tend to think otherwise), and what’s really important is to set the right distribution channel for your app.

What’s your starting page? Do you actually use one?

I use a combination of Netvibes and Google Reader. And you?

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