Naaptol – Online Shopping Comparison Engine

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Naaptol – Online Shopping Comparison Engine

Mumbai based startup, Naaptol is a social shopping comparison portal that enables one to search/compare/ buy products based on certain attributes/models.

While this may not sound different from several other portals, naaptol’s difference is the user experience.

Apart from neat colors and clean layout, naaptol has made a good use of ajax and have implemented some cool features (for e.g. ‘filters’ that enables you to filter your search in a very effective way).

Once you have made a choice of product, naaptol will show you different options (online/offline sellers) you can order/buy the product from.

Talking about the business model, it seems naaptol shows only the affiliated stores, which I think is a big challenge. They need to run around the country to cut deals with offline stores and am not too sure how scalable is that.

But at the same time, if they get it right – they have a clear winner in place.

Do give naaptol a spin and share your feedback.

Aside, many of such sites face competition from stores like subhiksha mobile etc., and I am afraid that the online stores do not end up being just the ‘comparison’ portal (i.e. you compare prices/products online and buy from the offline store – short-circuiting the channel?!).

One way to get past this challenge could be by becoming the lead generator for offline stores – i.e. discount coupons.

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