Winds of Change: Narayan Murthy to turn Investor


Narayan Murthy, in an interview to ET has announced his plans to turn VC. While he hasn’t detailed out the plan (corpus/sector details/whether he will be an angel investor etc), he is looking for investment beyond computers and high-tech areas.

“I find youngsters want to do all kinds of things. There are people who want to create wealth by booking tickets. There are people who are creating wealth by enhancing the efficiency of production lines. There are people who are creating wealth by providing efficient, decent and cost-effective means for the corporate world. They all have great ideas.” – source

This is surely a great news for early stage startups – there are very few angel investments/early stage investment funds in India focusing on non-tech sectors.

Wipro’s Azim Premji too started his own $1bn fund, and Infosys’s co-founder, NS Raghavan too has launched his own fund, Nadathur Investment and Ojas Ventures.

I firmly believe that this is what India needs at this stage right now – people like NRN should come forward and invest their personal wealth in the making of India 2.0.

Winds of change!

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