NaMo Wants All His Ministers on Twitter & Facebook; Great Move, But Watchout

Narendra ModiNewly elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked all his ministers to join Facebook and Twitter. The idea is to reach out to people on social media and be more transparent.

According to a news report, ministers under the BJP government have been asked to put up policy initiatives in public using social media and engage in proactive discussions with their followers.

Narendra Modi is one of the few politicians who’ve used technology effectively in his campaign. Many Indian politicians are on social media and have a massive following.

In the run up to the elections, social media was also manipulated by agencies that offered instant follower count, slander campaigns against opponents and such.

We think this is a great move. But Modi & his ministers will also have to be careful on social media, because it’s a double edged sword. Ask Shashi Tharoor, he knows.

In comparison, the previous government was quiet on Twitter and Facebook. It had initiated a campaign to recruit volunteers and polish its social media image. Obviously, that didn’t help. The old government also made it a messy affair when it was supposed to hand over the official PMOIndia twitter account to the new government by archiving the handle which had over 1 million followers.

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